About Us

I’m Janice creator of the bubbles. My story starts in November 2019 when I took the plunge and started my own soap-making business.

I had made cold process soaps for fifteen years as a hobby, but with working full time never had the chance to do much. So wanting to reduce the plastic bottles in the bathroom I decided enough was enough. I would make my own soaps.

I have always been into nature and conservation so this ethic has followed into my business. I decided I would only use natural ingredients in my soaps. The colours come from herbs, plants, and clays. I grow many of the plants in my garden chemical-free. There is also an apothecary garden and I started growing my own dye plants. The scents are from pure essential oils and all the oils I use are all plant-based. There is no palm oil in my products either.

My labelling & packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable even down to the glue that sticks the labels. All my soaps and dog shampoos are made in small batches. This makes them unique and special as the colours may vary from batch to batch. Every soap is finished by hand so there is a lot of love in each one. That’s the thing I enjoy about making them.

For instance, with my dubby dog shampoo bars, I hand stamp each one with a paw print.

I decided at the beginning that I wanted to donate 5% of my sales to a conservation organization and as I am so lucky to live on the coast and get the chance to see dolphins and other marine mammals I support Whale & Dolphin Conservation(WDC).

About Us
Natural Dubby Dog Shampoo bars-3 varieties
6 natural handmade soaps at Chanonry Point, Black Islei
About Us- Grapefruit & Charcoal soap
About Us

Cold-Process Soap Making

The method of making cold process soap isn’t new. In fact, it goes back to 2800 BC where the ancient Babylonians discovered that by mixing fat and wood ash together they could make soap. The process has been refined over the years and Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) is now used.

It isn’t the only method of making soap but it’s the one I like to use and it creates a high-quality gentle soap that is cured over 4-6 weeks. I cure mine for at least 6 weeks and it produces a long-lasting bar with ultimate moisturisation.

Soap is produced as the result of a chemical reaction called ‘Saponification’ that occurs between the lye and a fat or oil (such as coconut oil or olive oil). Cold process soap allows the lye to be neutralised without any outside heat.

Botanicals and essential oils are then added then the batter is poured into moulds.

It takes 24 hours to become soap and after removing from the mould takes another 24 hours to dry and be cut into bars. I then stamp my soaps with the name. With the dog shampoo bars, I stamp them with a paw print. The chemical process continues while the soap cures for 4 to 6 weeks; during this time oils break down into cleansing chains and water slowly evaporates leaving a gentle, firm bar of soap.

It’s at this point the soaps are finished and labelled. I make the labels and label each individual soap so you can see there is a lot of attention to detail.


This is beautiful soap. As an NHS worker, I have really appreciated using Pure Botanicals at home – it feels soothing and nourishing and smells so natural…. Thank you. 

Laura Skinner

“We bathed our 3 GSD’s with Dubby Dog Shampoo Bars … wow, wow, wow!! The shampoo had a wonderful lather and rinsed out beautifully. It also smells amazing so a good experience for both dog and owner … The dog’s coats are shiny. Happy customer, we will be back ”

Jill Clark

“I have tried several of the soaps, currently on the orange and cinnamon, trying to find a favourite but I like them all. They keep their shape well, don’t break up like others I have tried and you get a great lather with them. I also use the dog soaps, (on my dog!) easy to use as they are on a rope and give a fantastic shiny coat ”

Kay Farrell