how our natural soap company in aberdeenshire began photo

How Our Natural Soap Company Began.

How the story begins:

I decided to make my hobby of soap making into an all-natural soap company in June 2019 as I’d accepted redundancy. Having made soap for fifteen years as a hobby for friends and family I could never spend enough time doing it. After looking at ways to reduce plastic bottles and processed products from my skincare regime I decided very quickly that I would manufacture my own soap, and then I’d know everything that went in it. It would be based on 100% natural ingredients.

Natural soap!

I love ‘natural’ in all things from food to any product. I’ve always been a lover of the natural world since I was a child. We do enough damage to the environment, without adding all the chemicals and substances from the skincare and beauty industries. By using the ancient process of the cold process to make our soaps and the best natural ingredients our soaps are very special. The oils and butters are all plant-based and our soaps are cruelty-free & palm free. I realise there is sustainable palm oil however, people immediately think about  ‘unsustainable palm oil production and the large-scale devastation of tropical forests; as well as widespread habitat loss of its native species.

madder, weld and calendula dye plants
Dye Plants used in soap making

Natural colourants:

I ruled out any synthetic colours including oxides immediately; much-preferring plants as colourants in the soap bars along with herbs, spices and natural clays. Our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and all are chemical-free; even the Deeside Mineral water we use is from a ‘curative spring’. We are already using some of our plants for their colour and benefits but next year we will be growing many of the herbs and dye plants we use within the soaps ourselves and growing them organically. In the 32 years we’ve lived here we’ve never used any chemicals of any type on our land.