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A New Natural Soap for Dogs- Dubby Dog Shampoo Bars.

Updated: Mar 1

If you're like me and have dogs you love to spoil them. We have two long haired

German Shepherds Otto & Moose who are 5 and 2 years old.. Uncle and nephew shown here.

Living on a croft they often get muddy running around and I like to be able to wash them myself. As the shampoos available have synthetic ingredients and I'm not always sure what is in them or what synthetic fragrance is in them; I decided to develop a natural soap that I could wash the dogs with and have come up with a range of 3 shampoo bars on a rope that only include natural and organic ingredients. As with my human soaps the principal is the same with only natural ingredients. Making the shampoo bars by the cold process soap means glycerine is retained in the soap and is an excellent moisturiser..

I use a lower rate of essential oils to scent them as dogs are more sensitive.

I've added some lovely oils such as rice bran oil which is full of vitamin E and good for the skin; Organic Shea butter which has moisturising and conditioning qualities as well as Organic Coconut Oil which has lots of anti-oxidants in it and is great for the skin. (its also very tasty in a peanut butter and banana treat I make the dogs!- so tasty we eat them too). Mango butter which is very nourishing to the skin and Avocado oil which has

nourishing qualities. Neem oil has been added to the Cedarwood and Frankincense bar as it has flea repelling qualities. I'm really pleased with them and have used them on both dogs.

One bar has colloidal oatmeal which is a great anti-inflammatory and can reduce irritation. Another has pink clay which again is good for the skin. The essential oils are chosen for their qualities such as Lavender which has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Tea tree which again has healing propertie.

Shampooing your dog can't be easier as the bar is easily held with the soft rope round your wrist. Just wet your dog all over avoiding the eyes. Rub the shampoo bar and you'll find it lathers really well and you can work it in all over the body. I don't use conditioner but just rinse the lather off.

I have friends who say their dogs skin is sensitive so developed these soaps with this in mind. They're also paraben free, cruelty free, synthetic free and are full of luxurious oils. All packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Even the rope is chosen for its natural and eco friendly qualities

The beauty of a bar is its easily transported, doesn't spill and will last for quite a few shampoos depending on the size of the dog. Just hang up to dry.

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