Dubby Dog Shampoos

Our Natural Dubby Dog shampoos are created to be gentle and kind to your dog’s skin.
They come in three varieties and are made with natural ingredients, produced in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Our shampoos can shift virtually any bad smell, including the dreaded fox poo. They contain coconut oil, olive oil, Mango Butter, and Rice Bran Oil oil to condition and nourish the coat and leave it silky smooth.
One contains Neem oil which is super moisturising and deters fleas and ticks. Our Charcoal and Nettle is unscented so can be used on pups under 8 weeks, sensitive skins, and pregnant bitches.
The bar comes on a rope and is super easy to use and easily hung up to dry. We also create a shampoo paw for the smaller dog in your life.
They last a long time.

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