Why Go Natural?

Whats so good about natural you might ask or maybe you already agree?


For me starting my own handmade soap business I wanted so many things; to be 100% natural. I didn’t want to use any synthetics in my soap, no fragrances or colours made up with Micas. There was only one way to do it and that was to use all-natural plants, herbs, clays and botanicals. I would use pure essential oils for the scent as they bring their own benefits. So that was how my company came about after deciding I didn’t want to keep piling up the plastic bottles to clean my skin or my hair.

I found the name but there’s more to a business than a name! My whole ethos was about being environmentally friendly reducing plastic and waste and doing no harm to the environment. I would need to be palm oil free and ensure my oils and butters were cruelty free, sustainable, and ethically produced.

I looked at using organic oils and butters but the cost would be prohibitive so decided I would start with a couple first- Coconut Oil & Shea Butter. Although there are some fabulous synthetic fragrances and any smell could be mimicked, I was going to use essential oils.

The packaging was next and I sourced everything to be eco-friendly or biodegradable. Of course, it costs more but once you make a rule you need to follow it through; labels, bubble wrap, and padded envelopes.  I was so delighted that I found a biodegradable Tesa tape- and even my Pritt stick was eco-friendly. I’ve always made life more difficult for myself.

Next on my wish list was to donate some of my profits to a conservation cause. From my early childhood, I have been passionate about nature, animal conservation and protection. I love whales and dolphins and every year we visit Chanonry Point on Cromarty to watch the Moray Firth dolphins as well as watching dolphins around our local coasts; something that always gives me a thrill. So; donating 20% to WDC (whale & dolphin conservation) which protects their marine environment and these cetaceans seemed natural to me.